The Aspiring Knight



When you were a little girl your mother would always say

Just sit and wait; this will be your job someday

But you knew this was not the life for you

There were other things you were meant to do

You thought all the waiting was just so boring

And that you’d rather be out and about exploring

So you wished on the stars with all of your might

That one day you would finally become a knight

You would help those who needed protecting

And change things that needed correcting

So you told your mother what you thought

And you’ll never forget how you fought

She said the best thing you could do in life

Was to become someone’s devoted wife


After that you learned to keep to yourself

Made your wish on the stars with the utmost of stealth

That’s when you finally realized what needed to be done

So you readied yourself to go on the run

But before you even got the chance

You tumbled into the world of romance


Oh how the people around the kingdom would chatter

Even though love is a thing that shouldn’t matter

They said your love was too risqué

And you felt like you wanted to hide away

It was funny that the person you were meant to save

Was now the reason you didn’t feel brave

But you knew that if a knight were to be your profession

Hiding away was not a suggestion

So you decided to stay and do whatever it required

For you to gain what your heart desired

It wasn’t your fault that the person you found in distress

Was your true love, and a pretty princess


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