Asking For It

The haze

Thats how it starts

Blurry days

She doesn’t know how to part

The bottle in her hand is her savior

She cant take back the memories of fear

She couldn’t control her behavior

Her lashing out at the culprit who was near

Who took away something so dear

Yet they say she asked for it

They say her treasure was for the taking

Even though the noises were full of aching

Yet she asked for it

Even though she said no

They still call her a slut and a hoe

But she knows

She knows that the words from her mouth rang true

Lest God struck her dead in her cold bedroom

Those memories of a night so dark and disgusting

Would be a memory so corrupting

So she shuts it out with the bottle in her hand

Reminded a thousand times again

That she was simply asking for it

Her please

Her cries

Her muffled groans

The anguish

The hatred

All sad and alone

Yet she was asking for it

From an aggressor who was crafty and wily

And would never admit something so vile and grimy

Yet it was her fault

The sexual assault

But she was strong enough to make a change

She would put the bottle down and fight to have justice made

In a society so full on calling her out she would proudly stand out and shout

I wasn’t asking for it, I must admit

Because this is something I would never permit

To all of the women and all of the men

We must stay strong through this journey ahead

Our voices will be heard straightaway

And people might not understand and that is okay

But truth must be spoken, and tears will no longer be shed

My body belongs to me

My voice is my key

For there is more to me that meets the eye

And I will continue to try

Advocating for for those who’ve survived a violation

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