A starts it off.

Two legs fixed in place.

One point aiming for space.

A is for agile.

Active and nimble I’m always in motion.

Quick to respond and voice my notion.


S stands to the right.

Infinity turned on it’s side,

To my life no limits applied.

S is for sedulous.

Like a hawk questing tirelessly above the trees,

I am persistent and determined even in rough seas.


H resides.

Rigid and honest

Committing to all it has promised.

H is for hawkshaw.

Searching for answers and clues,

I am patient, not quick to accuse.


L lingers nearby.

A single right angle,

Two lines, never to tangle.

L is for logical.

Each decisions strategic and tactical

Lets not forget practical


E follows.

Representing a number and letter

The number is irrational, even better.

E is for especial.

As a model of individuality,

I believe in originality, that’s reality.




Y, oh why?

Two arms reaching high.

I’m always one to inquire,

Always combining diligence and satire.

Young and learning

My knowledge yearning.


Not to be defined by a single word

By a single act

By a single world

But to simply be me

A dove in a raging sea


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