an art project

These nights are getting fucking repetative.

My insensitive facade woken by your lost spirit making its way to your side of my bed

resting its heavy heart to tick and tock under my head.

Cradling my hourglass figure with the hands of your clock as if to mock me with your ephemeral attention.

Tick i have your protection.

Tock thats your code name for an erection.

tick i brought some protection.

Tock im not ready for that direction tick tock

the hour hand is being moved towards your

Tick tock our lips magnetically lock

 Tick tock tick tock tick clock tick your times up.



Frozen in time is my moment of choice.

between your soothing voice and my orgasmic noise i allowed you to be the painter of my canvas and foresee my upcoming master piece.

Your paintbrush was heavy with color and ready to blend my purity with the hue of maturity.

luring me with some sense of security

but when this padlock refused to unlock to your open seseme whisper you rejected me from every way of wanting to secure me.

i fought like i was michaelangelo swearing he was a sculptor but later found myself trying to sisteen chappel your smile into my ceiling.

Feeling godly looking into your appealing facade.

see i mastered my mona lisa smile

all the while my leonardo da vinci kept his darkness within me

but go ahead off with that bitch and see if she will bring your David to life.

Dipping your thumbs into my skin stroking purity with finger paint

allowing me to drip down the canvas mixing with different shades of your splatter.

Molding me from clay as your dough to play with

your fingers itch to scratch and score and make me as wet as slay.

i began to harden to your cold touch resisting any further sculptures.

I was the blank canvas you painted with beautiful colors

but now, see now im the unfinished project breathing in dust of a neglected room.


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