Art of Loneliness

Long, frightening fingers of darkness stretch.
My eyes I force shut.
My soul it tries to fetch.
The evasive sleep,
Into a dark abyss I slip.

Your voice fades into a distant chatter.
Your touch a distant memory,
On my mind you linger,
Disturbing dysentery,
Reminder of how lonely I am without you.

You sang love songs to me.
You whispered your undying love for me.
You made me whole again.
With you I had nothing else to gain.
Without you, all I have is pain.

Sing another beautiful song my beautiful singer.
Confess your love for me once more.
Without you I am a goner.
I have nothing to live for.
I am just lonely without you.

I stroll in the park.
Will this erase you from my mind?
I stumble in the dark.
Without my light I am blind.
In this storm you are my ark.

I wish I could sing a song.
A sweet love song for you my flower,
To tell you my love for you is so strong.
From it I will never cower.
Even after it’s hurt me for so long.

I long for the knock on the door,
For when I will answer that call,
See you and kneel on the floor,
Declare my love for you,
Tell you I love you too.

Round and round I walk around the park.
The world has moved on despite my loneliness.
I grope around in the dark.
Overwhelmed by a cloud of sadness,
Take my hand; show me the light.

Take my hand; show me the light.
Touch my face; reassure me.
Whisper in my ear that it’ll be alright,
Tell me that you love me.
Please, don’t look at me with spite.

Every turn I take, you are on my mind.
I can never be free of you.
It hurts, but I still want you.
I cannot see anyone but you.
I am nothing but lonely without you.

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Our world




Charles Muchori

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