The Art of Determination

Tue, 02/11/2014 - 21:04 -- kparent


Walking through crowded Times Square 

Look left, look right, there are billboards everywhere

The colors the imagery throws me off beat 

One day my designs will plaster these streets

I am inspired and determined I fall in love 

I know I need to go to school, just give me a shove 

I stay home college is to much you pay for a degree

But designing is the only thing that calms and completes me 

I am determined, I need this, I have to become the best

I get into art school design every moment, never to take a rest

One day it will all come together I know I wont regret it

Ill walk down those streets and see my work, I most commit

Ill graduate and see my family smile from their seats

Ill be the first to do this, and that is something you cant beat

I wont be in debt like my family has their entire existence

I will see my work in New York streets in the distance

I will break the sterotype of my family I will not be a house wife


Cant you see One Job May Change My Life.




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