The Art of Any Therapy

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 20:39 -- jpoet17


Physical Therapy, is the art of any therapy

I've always believed that one must love people

Love medicine, love the body

A physical therapist is someone who has to be "hands on"

It requires understanding and determination


People used to compliment me on my beautiful body

Each and every day and place, but I never believed them

It wasn't until I threw myself into the athletic realm,

that I understood what these people actually meant


I grew up in a medical family,

It taught me how to have compassion,

To help, to shape, to mold

To help those beautiful bodies who gave up


Maybe they just needed a little reassurance

This activity, that exercise

Something daily, something that would become a habit

Because after all, practice makes permanent


I've learned that the way to good health is to believe in yourself

To stretch your limits, to go the extra mile


I try to hold myself to a higher standard,

And yes that means passing up good opportunities

But it also means never letting go of the really good ones



And hopefully, this job would give me the chance to instill that in others

To change their lives, not mine


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