Arise, Arise, Arise


Cycles of life and death slowly unravelling 

The path I walk is blistering with pains so deep 

Hope immersed in darkness, slowly drowning

Head held down, whereabouts unknown, blindly traveling

Lost in a world of chaos

Which way do I go?

Do I even want to know?

breaking down, life distorted, no quick solution

Feet on edge, spine slowly crumbling, pain so wretched 

Or is it my soul?

Lying awake days on end

twisting, turning, scratching, sweating...

Out of breath, heart and mind racing

Thoughts formulate all through the night

Half crescent moonlight seeps through the blinds

Light and dark, light and dark, light and dark

Patterns crystalize

I see it day by day

Painted in front of me as I walk this path

seeking answers, wanting change, step out of darkness

Away from the dark, illuminate the night


I turn my head, contemplating my next move

Asking questions

What’s the answer? What am I waiting for?

No responses, not surprising, no need to ask forevermore

I reach out, trying to grab a hold of reality, love, destiny...

Something true

Break of day, light refracting, new breath of air

Signs of promise all surround me

Open your eyes and see the truth

Break from confusion, conscious awakening

An emission of light

Positives vibes besiege me

A life worth healing, don’t leave me now 

Desperately wanting a new inception

Help me achieve some grace

Break through, quit the drowning

Carry on be persistent, fight your fight

A new crown held up high

A revelation emerging from deep inside me

Carry on the process of healing
Arise, Arise, Arise


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