Aren't We All the Same?

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 21:56 -- S.H

Regardless of:

what we look like,

what we wear,

who we choose to love with care


We must come together on what makes us the same

Finding similarities in

our hearts,

our laughs,

and pain

For we are more or less the same.

With you and me,


We can create a world based upon world equality

No longer shall we be influenced by our past in slavery

In fact we won’t.

We’ll create a whole new reality

Acquiring knowledge from the past

things will never be the same.  


With love as our anthem and humanity as our race

This is our war cry.

We’ll slow to judge,

But, quick to ask why

Pursuing this dream passionately

But, with caution to ensure it doesn't die

But that it will

fly high as the flags that we wave

Together as one

This global mission


This sounds nice in theory

But, we mustn't forget our humanity:

with our corrupt minds and inexplicable amount of insanity

We’ll fight in the name of love, killing all who stand in the way


Maybe we’ll just sit on our couches allowing history to reply

Not doing anything; time slipping away

We could possibly become numb to the bad, the ugly and the hate

But we’ll rapidly like, comment, and share, giving permission for this to be our fate


What if we choose to say it didn’t exist?

Would it all disappear in a dark watery abyss?


would it stand there silently with a wicked, nasty grin

Waiting to trick us, again and again

If this is to happen

It’s really us to blame

Because we’re simply human

Meaning we’re all more or less the same


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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