What stands between you and I?

It's grand and gathered with much thought and time

You think you see me, but what do you really see?

Maybe a reflection of how you want me to be

What you are actually seeing is not what is in me

What you see is what I bring past the curtain

What is left behind is thought about with care

You could dress like her, you are just like your father

You look like a whore, why even bother

Manipulation, control, nagging, rages, and rants

From all of these things sprang forth something beautiful

A delicate masterpiece that is ever-changing

So I step out from behind my masterpiece

Totally exposed, I present myself to you

But I must return back to my original place

I cannot reveal my true aspirations

I cannot go where I want or do what I want

I long to travel the world, meet many new people

Long to learn languages and help people

Long to do things that are good

But these things you don't approve of

Except they be in your agenda

I am kind, caring, compassionate, and loving

But you see none of this because of my masterpiece

This curtain would not be here if you approved of me

But, I digress, I will now retake my place

Take my place until it is safe to drop this curtain

But, until then, I will be waiting from behind my creation

Waiting on you, mom, to be happy with who I am


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