Approaching Dawn

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 10:57 -- cfriese

Life begins anew,

what is its purpose, what does it do?

Full of curiosity and powered by sunshine,

the importance of young life is most devine.

Children laugh, play, and never stop asking why

about everything from how this works to why blue is the color of the sky.

Children watch, listen, and learn,

impatiently waiting to take their turn.

They give it everything they’ve got and take a plunge,

soaking up information just like a sponge.

A world of beauty awaits their young minds,

eager to greet them and show them tricks of all kinds.

Nothing can defeat a child’s imagination

for it creates such powers that can lead a nation.

Children cannot be beat

because they constantly learn from everyone they meet.

It’s impressive how a child’s mind works

and in its innocence, lies the best perks.

The idea nothing bad will occur

is something adulthood tries to deter.

Those who are smart will try to stay young forever

and use their imagination in every endeavor.

Adults tend to forget this youthful mentality

as they step into their black and white reality.


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Our world


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