An Appreciation

(For my best friend)


This you cannot touch,

But it means so much,

Even though we are four years apart

She’ll always have a special place in my heart.


She’s different from the rest,

This you could have guessed

Who says age matters?

When there’s endless chatter.


Smart, loving, and kind,

Her selflessness comes to mind

Funny, caring, and good hearted,

This is where it all started


I met her when I was four;

She’s the best friend I could ever ask for

Since the first time we started playing

She has always been amazing.


It’s because we live so far away

We usually visit on birthdays and holidays.

A year could have passed

But when we’d visit I’d still have a blast.


The time we made heart snow molds,

And taste tested with blindfolds,

We used to draw with chalk

On her burning-hot sidewalk.


From the time we played with toys

To now, when we talk about boys

Time has certainly changed us

But you see, there’s still a lot to discuss


All those times we slept over

Has led me to discover

We are more similar than I thought

Never once have we fought!


Brown eyes, brown hair

Likewise; many compare

It is amazing how alike we are;

It is actually quite bizarre


We went to North Carolina together

And spent time at the beach in the summer.

From playing in her basement at night,

Being with her has always been delight.


I remember all those vacations

Without any complications

Unlike other friends,

Our friendship never ends


What I really fear...

Is the future that is near

Things will be so different

I hope our friendship will be infinite


Soon I’ll be in college,

This I have acknowledged

Soon she’ll be in high school,

Inevitability can be cruel.


She’ll have a lot of work to do

I’ll have that same work, times two

I’ll miss those worriless Saturday’s

Because we will both be busy with essays


I hope that she doesn’t forget

Her Staten Island brunette,

I hope that she remembers

All the memories we’ve made together


She is one of my best friends

When I’m with her I look through a convex lens

She makes me focus on what’s important:

Our friendship, which to me is an accomplishment


She’s someone who I will ALWAYS defend

I love that we do not need to pretend

I have known her for so many years,

Leaving her will bring me to tears


I know that time flies

But will we have to say good-bye?

Hopefully that’ll never happen

She’s too important to be forgotten


This year we have seen each other more

That was all I ever hoped for;

For another adventure to remember,

These are the memories that I treasure


Just like our parents have known each other forever

I hope we’ll always stay close friends, wherever

We’ll make our own memories as grown ups

And be able to see how much adulthood sucks


I know that right now this doesn’t come to her mind

I hope she knows that I’ll never leave her behind

When the time comes she’ll know how I feel

And why I consider our friendship a big deal


All I need is her to know

I will never let our memories go

She truly is my second sister

Which is why I will miss her


We laugh, play, party together

She will always be my best friend, forever

I guess it just took me a while to see

How much she really meant to me


There is no doubt

That this is what I cannot live without

Someone I can call my best friend

Certainly, till the very end


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