Appreciated In Past Future


Appreciated In Past Future

            Stolid with rare vigor

            Honorable with freed absolution

            Rising from the chasm

            Ground in black ash


            Charade in form

            Unchained of glower, despair, hate

            Ascending into light

            Tested by wits and comprehension


            You mask the dark days

            The shame of doubt

            Finding the optimum of life

            A sight, remarkable in design


            Welded together through emotion

            Gathered through dreams

            Nurtured through love

            Gentleness, kindness, and plenty


            Eyes that look to you now

            New, beholding the old, intertwined

            Remembering what was, is and forever shall be

            A family so you call it, a son you name it


            Appreciated in past future

            He never forgets, never regrets

            Only reaps your every motion

            So he may become you, and more some


            All because he appreciated in past future

            A domain you share, beyond the grave and more, forever





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