"Appreciate Your Life"


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   I sit in my house with warm clothes and a bed to sleep on,

yet I complain to my mother that our wifi isn't working.

"My room is too small and I hate this neighborhood",

yet I'm incredibly blessed but to naive to see it. 

Now it is winter and the temperature  is twelve below zero,

yet I yell at my mother "Turn the heat down, I'm sweating!"


  Then, I see it, something that changed my view on life;

all huddled around fires, there's a dozen or more homeless.

There are multiple fires and tents side by side;

I feel sick to my stomach knowing how bad they're struggling.

So I decide to step up, to make a difference for someone;

these people are struggling and I'm determined to do something.

So I gather coats and blankets from family and friends, 

then the word gets out and my plan changes again. 

UPMC Northwest helped me collect blankets and coats,

these everyday items that we always take for granted.

Pretty soon the word got out and it became big;

I decided I should name my project "Share the Warmth".

In just a few months, we collected about 400 items;

thats 400 people who would feel so important.

We use these items and don't realize we are blessed,

because some people dream of a warm coat and fuzzy blanket.

I donated the supplies to the shelter 'Upper Room' in Erie, 

I was excited to help out and make others feel special.

I learned that it isn't hard to make a difference in the world,

I want to help make the world a better place in any way I can.

I have learned to be thankful and to always love what I have,

because one day that could be me struggling and needing some love.

Bad things happen and it can become anyone's reality,

so I remember to love life and not take anything for granted. 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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