Appear to Glow

It all seems to be a simple melody,
one that flows quite peacefully,
a soft whisper in the whirling storm,
and silence of unrequited love between two. 
It seems as though the worlds colors bleed,
smearing together to create a bigger scene, 
one filled with secrets uncovered in stars,
and destiny's fulfilling within the hidden marks.
For someone lost and afraid,
it really does seem well to have some faith,
maybe all along this has truly been your song,
yet you'll forever be alone in the journey of the storm.
Always piecing together empty thoughts,
ones that are pierced by the cruelty of society,
and listened to be the ones a child would think,
but hidden underneath laid very painful memories. 
Once depending on others take its toll,
you don't really have a place to go,
however, don't ever forget to remember,
even in the dark the stars still appear to glow. 
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