"The Appeal of the Future"

Tue, 10/18/2016 - 12:11 -- mdonald

Why must I get up
To face the day
And add to the troubles
Trying to fade away

In this life I have built,
What is there for me
I've nothing to cherish
But pain and agony

But somehow, I keep going
Fighting the good fight
Living my life
From morning to night

I'm searching for something
For what, I don't know
Probably something incredible
The world has to show

There has to be more
Than the feelings I feel
Aspects of life that
Fill me with zeal

I'm in the sun's light
Bright shine on my skin
Everything will work out
For me in the end

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I have struggled with overwhelming sadness in the past. The thing that never fails to cheer me up is thinking of all the things I can do, be, and see in the future. The mysteries that await me further in my life truly keeps me feeling good.

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