Apollo's Expectations


919 E Larch St
United States

Apollo’s haikus,

They are really something else,

still becoming worse.

He struts into clubs

all made for artistic poems.

Ready and edgy:

“Oh great agony!

Brought me to insanity!

Funny tragedy.” 

Apollo looks up,

staring into the large crowd,

his wet eyes leaking.

“Oh, gods! End my plight!

So I can never take flight, 

the end to my height.


in the way I speak and dance

across the large stage.

“Please end my life here!

Let me drink thy poison now,

and leave Earth behind.” 

He fluidly bows,

the old god of poetry, 

awaiting applause. 

One man speaks up. 

The buff bouncer from the doors. 

“That’s enough out of you.” 

He grabs Apollo,

throwing him into the streets. 

“You are banned from here.” 

Haughty Apollo 

scoffs. He is much too good for

that poetry club.


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