anxiety attack

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 18:50 -- avollea


United States
29° 44' 42.4176" N, 95° 37' 10.2396" W

can you feel it choking you and

are you drowning drowning drowning because

i can't breathe the panic's

rising and

what are you supposed to do when you have

no idea what's gone wrong,

what do you do when hysteria is taking over?

all i can sense is the tightness in my chest and the

racing pounding of my heart and i

can feel the walls closing in,

the claustrophobia of pressure seizing my heart,

gripping it;

and all i want to do is run far away

but my feet are planted

and the world is dangerous beyond these safe walls so

i stay and swallow it down

under the guise of thought.


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