I used to think money was the root of all evil
Until I realized in myself
Truly it's anxiety in people
Money can be good when we discuss economy
But let's go back to anxiety...
What is it..where does it come from..?
Well Its different for Many people..
And it is the seed of evil
We miss out on opportunities in life
Because our mind n soul was cut like a knife
Then the seed implanted tight
Feeds of the lack of light
Growing from fear sometimes over night
And then what do we do?
Water it some more
Closing more doors
Because for us when it rains it pours
And we get stuck in the mindframe life's a chore
Yet when you get past that moment
The journey is no longer a bore
You put your feet back on the floor
Stand up once more
Then walk that line
Like I got's fine
N everything's Great n on time
Until...a trigger is pulled
The switch gets flipped
Hitting minefields cuz ya got tripped
Didn't even see where it dipped
But it left you feeling like you got whipped
When truly anxiety is a bitch
N plays the game well
Putting you thru hell
Holding on to you like a voodoo spell
N you don't know why?
Or how to let it go
All you know ...
Is you are not the same
You realize your lack of actions
N begin to place blame
But only on your self
Then you feel the wrath of shame
N this vicious cycle remains
So you wonder what is wrong with my brain...?
But really it was the seed of deep rooted pain.
N now you ask how do you overcome it...
Well if I knew that I wouldn't be skiing down the summit
Waiting to stumble so I can get back up n say fuck it
I did let's get thru it...
But that's the problem with this vibe of energy
When you allow it to consume you
It becomes your enemy
N I'm constantly fighting a battle within me
N sometimes at the same time's 2 or 3
Trying to grow leaves the season before spring
Because I'm the odd tree
Its like trying to teach a prisoner to be free
Or understanding the aerodynamics of a bee
Or my favorite..
How to live in this consuming world simply
But the first step to an addiction is to admit it...
So I stand before you, for you to witness...
You can overcome this...
For I have an addiction to anxiety....
N it's killing me slowly!
But I'm determined to find my cure
So I can get back to the life of adventure..
The one I lived before I allowed anxiety to enter!

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