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You teach your numbers, you read your words

You reiterate when nothing is heard,

 A tender intimacy fills the room as you stroll with modesty

A charming chuckle exits your mouth as you fault, as you fault, as you fault

But as you fault, you always seem to do the strangest thing

You endure self confidence  

But what if I fault? What if I have no confidence? Who do I go to? Do I go to you? How do I approach you?

With emotion, affection or hostel, vigorous?

Do I look you in your eyes so you know I’m significant?

What body junctures should I present to you?

We’re face to face; you lean down to be attentive

“I’m being bullied”

Your eyes filled with doubt or maybe hilarity

You gently push me to the door with a charming chuckle

Oh that charming chuckle

What now?


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