Sat, 08/18/2012 - 07:15 -- FizTzle


United States
31° 7' 8.058" N, 83° 26' 34.8432" W

Put me on the wall (like she always do) ,
never been dusted off know she cheatin too,
beenin on the wall see everything like mini doll,
can't believe she keep blowing me off,
nothing but a antique put on a wall,
hear every sound see every fall,
see you cryin can't stand that you doing me wrong,
but its ok I forgive every winter,
when you tryin to auction me off,
can't stand that wall so dusted up there,
if I fall I'm going to break nobody cares,
Imagine me as a antique,
know it bugs you because it bugs me,
like bugs cause the glass has holes,
feeling so lonely up on a board walkway,
see you tomarrow girl in the same place,
I know she got gace but I don't see it,
when she cook bacon I have to smell it,
antique-antique(antique) ,
now lookin for change don't know if I find it,
nothing but a antique seeing & hearing everything


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