Antigone, the writer

I've always known I was different from the other kids

Yes, I still played with them but I felt disconnected

As I grew, I knew God put me on this beautiful earth for a reason

So my freshman year of college came and I fell into depre-osity(depression and curiosity)

I partied so much I didn't know where I was and I lost myself in the music

My writing professor swore I plagarized my pieces of art and it was difficult convincing her I am just this smart

It hurt. I cried, a lot. 

I gave up, but now I know I can make my own decision. I can write as much as I want.

I can read as much as I want and I can choose who I want to be and that is me.

Antigone, the writer.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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