Optimism, not yet here

Preluding, yet it rests

Finds shelter in an anxious heart

Remaining unpossessed


Contingencies erupt like flame

And scorch absorptive minds

Excitement captivates all thought

As memory rewinds


Apprehensions swell within

Like butterflies distressed

Chaotic still, obstructing peace

Flight restless to find rest


The aging youth turns back to count

Displacements on near clocks

As things of old fade with the wind

Enamoring a prox


Delusions build, and doubt confines

The actions of this youth

As overbearing tension grows

He seeks to find the truth


What will become of future days?

What changes from the past?

How will I love? how will I grow?

And will my conscience last?


Unsure in creed, heartstrong, prepared

And casting out all hate

The youth selects what he will feel

Restless, prepares to wait


As time runs out, the panicked youth

Holds sentiment to heart

So all he knows will stay with him

When he is forced to part




Anticipation, stronger now

Makes difficult the chore

To take for granted what we love

Through futures evermore

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