Anson Jones

"I was here long before it became a hotel
All the memories this building holds...
I knew these walls and these corridors well,
But this country's grown up, while I've just grown old...

"This ungrateful republic has broken my heart,
Poured out in a public career
You know, in this place, my career had it's start
And I'm thinking I might end it here."

-- He'll never know how we'll miss him tomorrow
How we'll come out and stand in the rain
How his eulogist's voice begins breaking in sorrow
And even the newspapers echo the pain

Who would have ever thought? Who would have known?
That he would be the next in the chain
Grayson and Childress, Rusk, and now Jones!
Found on his bed with a shot through his brain.

The Senate resolved to wear badges of mourning
"It was he who made Texas a State"
Words not heard in his life, let it stand as a warning
To love 'ere you learn it's too late.


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