In Another Life

He thought he could chain me

He thought he could,



Break me.

Little did he know,

I've got chains and scars of my own.

Of my own doing, 

They were.

Each little scar,

Every insecurity,

Every downfall,

My fault. 

My fault.


Eventually, I learned to play pretend.

I learned to smile though I wanted to cry,

I learned to live though I wanted to die,

I learned to draw on paper with a pencil,

Though I wanted to draw on my skin with a knife.

I learned to pretend I lived another life.


A place where we laughed and we played.

A time where we stayed the same.

A place where they hugged instead of critisized,

A time where they told me, hey, I was okay.


None of them even realized 

What I hold in my sould is not for naked eyes

The Darkness is nothing to mess with,

Not a thing even I could fight.


It consumed me. 


So again, and again

I played pretend.

I smiled and laughed, then I said goodnight.

As soon as I'd left, the laugher died and my smile was lost in the night.


I'd lay in my bed,

Look through my window to the sky,

I'd close my eyes and I'd whisper to the moon

"Don't you ever wonder, what all this would be like, In Another Life?"

The moon never answered.

Every time I'd sigh.

And I'd finally say "Goodnight.."

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