Another form of Suicide


Blood goes down my leg,
Blood goes dripping down my body.
And honestly,
I really don't care.
I like the feeling of being cut.
I like how I can cut myself,
How no one else can.
I like how when I cut,
I feel my anger pouring out.
It's like blood and anger come seeping through my skin.
I wish I could do more,
But honestly what more could I do?
I could cut deeper? 
I've been trying so hard not to.
Not to cut myself,
And now I really don't care.
Why care for a world that doesn't care about you?
People want so much these days.
No more.
I don't want these people,
And I don't want their lies,
And I don't want his lies.
He left me with nothing to call my own.
Promised the world,
Only gave me a reason to hate.
He gave me my anger,
He have me my strength to cut.
And maybe he didn't really mean to.
But he did,
They all did.
Fuck you life.



this is truley beautiful


Thank u so much! I realize I made an error in have is supposed to be gave.


Wonderful, it shows true emotion, it's relateable. I feel like this everyday.

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