Another Allegory


Dead! My love is dead!

Taken from me prematurely

By silver wrought through his heart, Murdered

By a man no more virtuous than himself

Immortal heart impaled

My sisters slayed, bodies flayed


With only the mad moon and me as witness

Crude decapitation

Resounding sludge hammer harmony

As blade meets bone

Body mutilation

Hallowed carpentry

As blade carves cream flesh

Remains lit ablaze

Blood spattered, ashes scattered

Butchery praised

Because they feared him

Trembling, Quaking

Weak as worms

Before the son of the dragon

The oncoming storm

Destroyer of souls

Devastating worse than the plague

Crumbling utopias in his wake

Undead, immortal, and mighty

Indominatble soul subjugated

Bound to his body, never resting

Forced sustaining off the blood

Of those he SWORE to protect

Penance for war attrocities

Commited to save Christianity

Yet HE, the monster

And murderous heathens, disciples

The pious penacle of virtue

Destiny is the architect of my torment

All alone refusing to weep

Love will NOT make me weak

For him I will remember

The glories of days gone

For them I will remember

My sisters' sweet songs

Cherishing every tick tock of the cursed clock

His poison kiss blessing our bodies with beautiful illness

Fated to lose, vengance propels me forward

Past the drunken piano playing of the tavern

Past the howling music of wolves

Into the cold desolate Romanian winter

Four new stars scar the sky

Scorching the earth in their intensity

Souls sleeping in the heavens

Leading me, guiding me

From a flawed eternity

My sisters, and my love


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