anonymous you

i wish i knew you


i wish i could play connect the dots with the constellations of freckles

that adorn your cheeks

like i used to 

while you talked about your passion

and the future

and what you hoped to accomplish


i wish we could still talk for hours about the things you love

that i could care less about

save for the fact that you love them


i wish i could still hear the sound of pencil on paper when you would

draw me how you saw me

and how you hoped i could


one day

see myself


i wish i could still see the way

your whole demeanor changed when i told you

just how beautiful everything you drew was

and how wonderfully talented you were

and how humbly you accepted praise


i wish i could still feel your arms wrapping around me from behind

when you knew i needed reassurance that

i was doing okay

there was nothing to worry about


i wish i could still have the honor of hearing your laugh

when you would tease me about being your absent-minded professor


i wish i still had your shoulder

to rest my head on in the middle of a lecture


i wish i could still hold your hand

across the gaudy purple cafeteria table


i wish i would have someone to hide my blush from

when they compliment me

like i did from you


i wish i had the words to articulate

just how much you

meant to me

mean to me

more than you realized at the time

maybe you figured it out 

from all the times you caught me looking at you from across the room

from the times when maybe i didn't hide my blush so well

from the times early on when making eye contact wasn't the easiest thing


i wish you would think of me

at least sometimes

like i think of you


i wish you still knew me

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