An Anglo- Saxon Boast


My Name is Haley Jean Koehler

I love my Friends, and Family too

Daughter of Amme, and Descendant of Ken

I am from Nowhere, yet Everywhere

Crossing the Magnificent sea in the Metal Bird

I wander only where wanderers know

And letting my mind wander to the middle Macrocosm

My home, My Heart, My house of blood

I reminisce in the idea of home;

Only in September do strangers drink together

Only in the academy, are you acquaintances with anybody

Only in my home can you drink mead on your sweet 16th

But that's the thing with my home

Nobody cares that you are a stranger

Nobody cares that you have too many friends

Nobody cares once you turn 16

Because in my beautiful world

    Everyone cares about you and what you do

Because only here is Everyone essential for each other’s enjoyment

That is the beauty of my house of blood

Everyone is everything to each other

And if you have encountered that enjoyment, you are a winner

Like me





This poem is about: 
Our world



I was required to write this poem in my senior english class while we learned about the Anglo- Saxon culture. We were required to write a boast about ourselves and me not wanting to go in the typical directions my classmaes did, I wrote about my beautiful home, or at least the place I felt most at home. Every word or phrase means something to me from my old home, and if you found it out before reading this, I am talking about Germany. My father got stationed there and I moved there fot my freshmen year of high school all the way through to my Junior year. I moved to Colorado for my senior year, and all I want to do is to go back home.  

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