Fire is burnig with in my eyes, wanting to kill everything in sight wantig to strangle you with all my might.the care free little girl at 4 & 5 is now becoming a teen just tryng to try to deprive me from standing on my own two feet, as you thought you had an advantage over me. i will show you otherwise as it will come to your surprise,i try and try not to cry but i cant stop these tears from falling from my eyes. building up so much pain wanting to let it go and gain control, i wish you were never here because theres so much fear. so as it seems you didnt care, i wish you were never there. the feelings of my soul can bare no longer, gasping for air trying to maintain, i want out, i dont want you here no longer.Anger trying to fight back and not let you win, i can feel the rush and the heart beating to be free, but the worries and thoughts of fear will not spare me the freedom that allows me to be at peace. so with all thats left in me, i can no longer take or accept  the wrath of greive that i have recieved.


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