Angels and Demons

I'm in the hotel room contemplating my next decision

voices in my head are fighting, all that happens is confusion

left shoulder I have the devil to the right nothing is there

Devil says "don't be a bitch choke this slut and pull her up by her hair"

yoked this bitch up and pulled her up to her knees

she is screaming and crying "no stop don't hurt me please"

I stand above her straddling both of her thighs

I pulled her head back so I can look deep into your soul and see the pain in her eyes

the devil is yelling and egging me on "come on man, rape this bitch so we can get going"

Rap one hand around your neck and put her up against the bed

Whip my dick "out stop crying bitch time to give me some head"

"yeah that's right you like that don't you slut"

Wrap both hands around her head "oh Fuck I think ima nut"

mouth full of cum I throw her back to the floor

"Look at you now that's what you get you nasty fuckin whore

Stand above her, pull my knife out and stabbed her in the chest

her heart stopped beating and came to a slow and peaceful rest

she lay there bloody limp and still curled in a ball

threw her in the trunk and made my way to the mall

go to the back of the building relieved everything is going to plan

dumped her body and took off I'm pumped yelling "I'm not fuckin man"

windows down radio blasting wind blowing through my hair

on my left the devil says Hey pull over real quick Park right over there

We're formulating and plotting on the next prey Ima catch

look at my phone and smile, Tinder notification says hey you have a new match

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Our world


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