Tue, 02/08/2022 - 14:10 -- Mysty32

I will never forget that face 

Upon the first glimpse 

Where I first seen such beauty 

In the open of nothingness 

To be struck by cupids' arrow

Cementing my footing 

In the grounded path I walk 

Stuck in awe 

From her sparkles of her eyes 

Fallen by the waving of her hair 

Then compelled by her name 

Once having the strength to move forward 


I will never forget 

With a tune that rings 

By the power your name bares 

With uncontrollable thoughts 

To call you "Angel"

As clear as the green sea 

And pure as the color of white lilies 

To a scent of  candy roses 

Upon the fragrance you wear 

Her name...


How I wish to be 

The one to hold you in my arms

To then be wrapped in yours 

Watching the stars form 

And moon pulsate 

Vibrantly by its white glow 

In the night sky 

Where I can share a kiss 

Upon your soft glossy pink lips 

With the flavor of apricots 

That can only be found in winter 

To wake up to you 

By my side... 


I must apologize for crying your name 

I never even had the courage to talk to you 

Only keep fantasizing 

About how I want you to be 

Mine as my heart grieves but,

I already know your answer 

And going to reply 

Im ok thanks, 

Im not looking for anything right now please

Or no and then leave

It just fate by forward thinking 

Believing it will happen

So no need to waste any energy 

On a imagination by a fool

Of out of control emotions 

To look like a fool being rejected 

And wishing I never act 

I'll move forward

In the way I know how 

By not trying...

Then feeling a sudden push by the heart...




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