Angel with broken wings

Watery eyes, gaze at the endless sky.
A crumbling face, pale as moon
Searching for hope in a nickel and dime.

Pipe dreams in lonely streets
Delusion is solace only for misleads
Selling soul to devil is her bread
Living still but with laboured breaths

Streets are abuzz
 but silence screams in her mind.
She's an angel of noir with broken wings
And a fake smile.
Flying high in smoke filled rooms
Pills and drinks keep her full
 She croons a mellow rhythm
Only dreamers understand, who live fast and die with no regrets.

Long ago she buried her dolls. Her smile is replaced by a permanent frown. She cries herself to sleep and realises that she is destined to weep.

 So once, she emptied the bottle
And the one after that, and the one after that. Only to never wake up again , to never see the light of the day.

Yet she opens her eyes, and takes flight as she is the angel of the night.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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