The Angel and the Reaper

You say this is it
This is the day
The day I take my life
The day I die
You are grabbing a belt
You are grabbing a knife
You are stepping onto that bridge
You tighten the noose you made from the belt
You are pressing the knife to your neck
You are about to jump off the side
You can’t take it anymore
Now is the time you say
But wait
You hear a voice
An angel’s voice
That angel says put away that belt
Don’t tighten that noose around your neck
That angel says put down that knife
Don’t cut into your neck so you can bleed out
That angel says step back from the edge of the bridge
Don’t jump to your death
But then you here another voice trying to drown out the angels voice
It is a sinister voice
It is the grim reaper
That reaper says put that belt on and hang yourself
That reaper says slice your neck so you can be no more
That reaper says jump, jump and feel the delight of flight
It’s a battle between dying and living
A battle inside you
Will you listen to the angel or the reaper?
The angel is talking again
It says do you not see the possibilities ahead of you
Do you not see your future?
You have a life ahead of you and you are too young to die now
You have too many loved ones to leave behind
Then the reaper cuts in
He says you are worthless,
You are not enough
You are stupid
You are ugly
How could anyone love you?
This battle in your mind is ongoing
You can’t decide
So you pause between life and death
Lost, confused, controlled by that battle
Who should you listen to?
The angel or the reaper?
You are now stuck
Frozen in time
Which should you choose?
Should you follow the Angel or the Reaper?
The angel is the light light optimistic flight
The reaper is the dark dark black immortal night
What’s it going to be the Angel or the Reaper?


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