Anesteshia seemed to be my only friend 
buh she tricked me bac into life again 
doc shoulda jus left it out clean my body let me go 
its too much on this road 
too much made me fall 
too much made me ache 
i take on others pain cus no one can fix me i was made to break 
crack under this pressure 
i believe mom made a mustake wish dad never met her 
yet i am a hollow shell 
a bein society predicted to fail 
and i hav GED 
jus not gone make it 
HSD wat i want buh made too many sacrifices hinderin me from takin it breakin my pride 
glad to die 
buh guess im not done since God kept me alive
Knife deep in tha heart erbody talkin bout how they feel 
who they are 
who they rep 
buh cant seem to get to tha next step
in they lives 
cus what weve done jus haunts us we see it right in front of our eyes 
dats y its hrd to get by 
hrd to hurt those u love im sorry im not tha one u want 
im sorry im nt a gift from above 
life's tough we jus got to make the best of it pass it on let the next finish the rest of it make it better 
if they can expand the life span stand up and rise 
wipe evry tear from our eyes 
cus we're meant for greater we hav to finish to win tha prize
Buh who am i to tell u wha to do who am i a question that givs no clue 
i dnt kno wha i want buh im grateful for wha i get 
even this six inch scar shines a bit 
i lived life died once 
i kno things and i dnt kno buh i keep goin lookin forward to what i will kno Anesteshia tricked me even tho 
we met two times after im glad we parted her las words was there is somethin new to go fo


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