And you Wonder


You wonder why i am still here and across the world i should have been. Because opportunity left me as a little girl. Grow up in hood, watch folks sale their soul to get rich quick. Taught to fight to have a dollar, nobody taught me how get head. Survival of fittest is what we placed. Some people drowned, some people bearly made it while others still fighting. And you wonder why i am still here! Break my heart, tell me i can't do it but like the earth with no gravity i still rise. Dr. Maya Angelou wrote her story but my book may never be read. But where you see me and where i been in time things does change. I am your superior and willing to become more. Can you say Greater, so can i ! I am not that little undefense child not taught to fly. Here i am world and here i am Lord willing do what you set apart for to do.

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