And You

Some Things Cannot Lie:

The wagging tail of a dog

The chocolate-covered hands of a toddler

The calloused hands of a carpenter-hands cannot hide their life’s work-

And you


Some Things Are Too Eager :

A baby bird with crooked wings

A ball rushing into the street

A teenager trying to let go-

Their mother trying to hold on-

And you


Some Things Fall Apart:

Flowers in a vase for too long,

Cookies pried too quickly from the baking sheet

The car my parents drove years before I was born-worked to the bone, sputtering in our driveway-

And you


Some Things Are So Beautiful I Can’t Breathe:

Empty roads painted in sunlight

Music that leaves the hairs on my arms at attention

Genuine smiles from strangers-the people who really want to know how you are-

And you


Some Things Make Me Spill Over With Love:



You-I love you-

And you



This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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