And Then I Finally Realized...

Thu, 10/22/2015 - 21:00 -- torix3
For everyday I wake and for every step I make, a trail of emotions follow
Tears turn into one of those everyday things
You're used to all day and all night
It eventually turns into a river in seconds 
Tears are not only for the weak, 
But they are also for the people
Who have been strong for so long, 
That they've finally cracked
A person that becomes heartless and emotionless 
Once gave their all
A person that suddenly turns bitter, 
Was a person whose sweetness was being over used 
For another's own selfish reasons
A person like this shouldn't be allowed
To even be near a gracious presence 
A person with such grace and passion 
Doesn't deserve to feel like they are in the wrong 
When they stretch their assistance as much as they can
People like this are limited
Because as of now,
Society is filled with mediocrity and judgement 
Of those who haven't yet learned about the limited amount 
Of sorrow and grace that can be taken away from a person within seconds
This poem is about: 
Our world


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