And That's The Tea: Reality

And That’s the Tea: Reality

I always imagined what college would be,

but never expecting what would become of me

The money never lasted long

just late nights singing sad songs

I learned to save more than spend

While trying not to sin

Forcing myself to 7:30 lectures

But never getting the big picture

Thinking the guys and parties would be the coolest

but was hyped up to the fullest

It’s true the first year will be fun

but they never said there would be tears with no sun

I was searching for my own lane

But it was just making me go insane

The relentless tumult inside my head

From fighting demons in my bed

Friendships were rested

Faith was tested

Trends i tried to follow just made me even more hollow

Masking my feelings is what I thought was best

but it came to haunt me like the finals test

That’s when a tear rolled down my face

altering my perspective of time and space

Going through the motions was such a big commotion

Jesus was the answer but why couldn’t I answer?

At this point: My spirit with God was more precious than fitting in

It started to make sense but why at the end ?

That’s when I realized my “glow up” wasn’t the facade I made up

It was God cleaning me up

By grace through faith I won my own race

So I can one day meet him face to face


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