And That's Okay

Ups and downs,

Downs and ups,

I am analyzing which of those my year had more of.


Let us start at the forefront, 

The coldest month in Virginia,

And the unluckiest month to me.

Boxes were stacked in every nook and cranny, 

I have seen this too many times.

Anger was all that I felt,

Angry at the only adult in the home who allowed this to happen,



Then the green season came,

The rebirth of everything beautiful and natural.

Hope was all I felt, 

Seeing the colors,

All of the colors, 

I was hopeful,

But then I was hurt,

I was hurt by a loved one,


And things never seemed right after the green season.


The sun season had finally came,

I could relax and release the build up of the beginning of this journey called "2016."

Heading up north created an adventure,

An adventure that gave a sense of warmness and comfortability.

I spent the season with a loved one,

A beautiful three months.



Returning down south, 

When the sun season was coming to an end,

My loved one hurt me,


I allowed myself to be hurt,

After a beautiful season,



At the start of the orange season, 

I focused on myself,

Just myself,

For the first time ever.

Three months alone had opened me up,

Opened me up to,


Then the last season came, 

And I did some realizing.

This journey was filled with "again's,"

And I did not want anymore "again's."

To love another is beautiful,

But to love yourself is,

Is something words cannot describe,

It is something you feel,

And I felt that on my journey.

By the last month,

I had myself,

And that's okay.

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