and it keeps me up at night


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It keeps me up at night ..  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ? They ask me that and I don't have a real answer. I say typical things like " oh in college falling in love " or " oh working hard in NewYork "  Truth is I have no idea I don't know and I really wish they'd stop asking I'm at the point in life where everything is going way to fast and I can't stop it. I'm at the point in life where stress is like my new best friend and faking confidence is my  soul mate. I'm at the point in life where I feel like it's all good long as I don't think about it. ... and it keeps me up at night. What will you be in life  ? How will you get there ? And where will you go from there ?  I say " oh I'll be a millionaire, I'll work hard to get there , and it only goes up from there !" I say with such confidence but in my head I'm screaming I HAVE NO IDEA AND IM SCARED " I really wish they'd stop asking 'Cause what they don't understand is , I feel like I'm on fire with this ice cold bottle of water in my hands. ....and it keeps me up at nightSometimes I cry about it. Sometimes I scream about it, but I realize that crying and screaming just won't work and I have to face this head on. I have to work through this denial. I can't scream .. I can't cry ...I have to handle it like an adult. I have to handle it like a big girl. I'm so afraid of who'll I'll be that I stay away from being myself .. I'm so afraid they'll judge me if I don't succeed ...I'm so afraid that if I even stumble on this road that they'll abandon me ...I'm so afraid that I won't be all they expect of me ....I don't know where I'm going, I'm terrified of who I'm becoming and it keeps me up at night. 

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