And It Hurts

It hurts

Worse than getting hit in the face

It hurts

More than having to pack my bags and never come back

It just hurts

And there's nothing I can do

But that doesn't change the facts

It still hurts

And it hurt yesterday more than today

But I'm sure tomorrow's gonna be harder

It all just hurts

I'm lost, confused, misguided

It feels worse than being lied to 

I can't eat

can't sleep

can't think

can't write

can't dream

It all just hurts

And it hurts

And it hurtd

And it hurts

And I'm so tired of being hurt

This is just too much for me

All of it hurts

And the worst part is

Nobody cares

They just look and laugh

How easily they forget who made them feel better when they were hurt

And i never thought a single person could inflict pain like this

Everything down to the softest forehead kiss

Couldn't have made me forsee a pain like this

But it hurts

And there's nothing I can do

 And worse than all that

This pain hasn't stopped me from loving you

I'm still holding on

And I can't accept that what we had

We dont have it anymore

And I get sick to my stomach

And fall to my knees

Tears stain my cheeks

As I beg somebody to please 

Just tell me it's not gonna hurt

Let me know it gets better 

And I should keep holding on to my hope

That's all i ever told people

But I can't catch myself 

As soon as i start falling

All I know is it hurts

And it's truly killing me 

For I figured if isolation is the only option

Then lock me up forever

And loose the key

Cause I can't stand the hurt

And constant fatigue

I'm so over hoping

Someone will love me and not leave


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