And Her Heart is a Chrysanthemum Blossom


I take a step, into a field of sumptuous sunflowers

Ever so kindly,

I take each one lightly,

Looking out for the smiling bouquets down below

I follow the path she laid out for me


It was then where
I discovered a secret grove

Abundant with lissome lilies whose laughter

Propagates with her radiating,

Effervescent beauty

I smile

I become her personal flower


I culminate in her nurturing nature,

Cradled in arms of comfort

Her sunrise blinds me from the wearying worries

Of malevolence

And instead I am brimming,

Of benevolence

She accommodates with sunlight,

I can taste her warmth



You a r e  a  b   e     u   t   y    t    h    a    t     i     s           l     w      a      y      s       g       r       o       w       i       n       g
Within my heart

Just like a golden Chrysanthemum

This poem is about: 
My family
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