And Although He Knew.

And although he knew

How much I loved him

It seemed to grow 


and Less 

Each day. 


It seemed that he

Didn't know how to help me

That he didn't know

how to

Accept me. 


And although he knew 

What I had been through, 

he always said, 

"You're just feeling blue."


He never believed that 

this was a sickness. 

He never believed that I was 

trying my hardest 

to be okay. 

For Him. 


And although he knew, 

He never saw me 

In a bright way. 

He never saw me 

As a light weight.


He would say 

"Don't be a vitcim," 

"Be a survivor." 

But how can I be a survivor, 

If I have yet to be the victim?


And although he knew, 

he'd just smile and wave until 

I was out of view. 



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