For and About Ashlyn


Smile so white and mind so bright.
Sweetest girl but not afraid to fight.
Eyes so pretty, voice like a lark.
Within ever kiss I expect sparks.

Silly as a loon, but done cutely so.
Used to dance, jumping to and fro.
Now she scribbles and draws.
Describing art with a cute southern drawl.

Great taste in music, as well as food.
What she wears hints at her mood.
Aphrodite i disguise, a beauty to see.
To think she would talk to a guy like me.

A girl I can talk to, every single day.
Takes all my crap, doesn't think I'm cra'y.
Hits me when she wants too, but it's okay.
When I'm sweet, joking, or acting a bit gay.

To simply put it, I'm a guy that's blessed.
Even if this poem seems like a great mess.
But with a girl like this who can blame me.
Because of her my thoughts whirl like crazy. -TJK


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