Anatomy Of A Tweaker


United States
44° 13' 8.022" N, 123° 18' 52.218" W

The nails are chewed all the way off.
Bleeding; skin peeling.
It helps the nervousness.
The arms are scarred up and down.
Cut; skin breaking.
It helps the pain.
The hair is patchy in some areas.
Inflamed; skin burning.
It helps the stress.
The eyes are sleep deprived.
Sunken; skin darkening.
It helps to think at night.
The knuckles are bruised and broken.
Tender; skin reddening.
It helps the anger.
The hands are tightly wrung.
Sore; skin blistering.
It helps the worry.
The mind is foggy all the time.
Distracted; neurons misfiring.
It helps nothing.


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