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the whispers in my ears
are my deepest darkest fears
she yells but soothes
always with bad news
"you gained since yesterday"
every morning i hear her say
she forces me to stop
but i'm hungry, i cannot
she makes me feel like failure
because failure is her enabler
it's what she uses for her case
whenever i make mistakes
didn't count right the calories
so she makes me suffer tremendously
Ana makes me believe
i don't know if she'll ever leave
her voice is soft but strong
always stringing me along


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very sad, but meaningful poem
you have to become your own individual and find happiness
life is about mistakes-u live and learn
no one has the right to make you feel less
great job


I was just looking at random poems near me on the poem map and stumbled upon this one. Kind of crazy actually because I wrote this and completely forgot about it. While I was reading it, I could feel her struggle. It's all too real. Thank you for the nice comment :)

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