Among the Flowers

Roses are Red

              I met you long ago you're smile was a perfect match to your chocolate colored eyes.

              You were a fallen angel in my eyes: beautiful and out of reach.

Violets are Blue

              Taken in by your beauty i couldn't see the skeletons that follow you.

              You hid them well when you brought me Oleanders, Begonias and Chrysanthemmums.

Daffodils are Yellow

              Everyone said we ere meant to be and what I was lucky to have you.

              You looked at me at me sweetly and i wondered why you picked me.

              I should have known then that you never loved me.

Gluttony is Pink

              I though we would be everlasting when we sat in the warm sun.

              My world was a little brighter with you but now it's dark and rotten.

Pride is Purple

              Unable to look away I watch as you show someone else you're precious flower garden.

              But she only sees the flowers not the hidden truth that lies beneath.

Wrath is Orange

              You still smile at me but not like the charming smile you show her.

              When you smile at me it tells of a shared secret with the danger laid bare.

Daises are Pure

              One day she'll know what is hidden away and you won't let her escape.

              Then you'll have another to smile at as you display the flowers for another someone.

The End is Black


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