Walking home like the world around you is like it's supposed to be

Then you turn around and see...a murderer

But you didn't know it at the time 

That this would be the last line 

...You walked and the last time

...You talked...

and what's more? 

Your death was in vain 

Some not getting the same...Justice because of the color of his skin 

Oh, if you don't believe me, allow me to begin:

A black mother from Florida, arrested for firing a warning shot

Cuz in ameriKKKa stand your ground only works for white men walking around killing young black teens

armed with skittles and Arizona tea 

A white mother, Casey Anthony was set free 

For killing her daughter 

For turning poor baby Caylee into a personal martyr

Look at ameriKKKa, claiming justice for all 

Or is it, try and keep minorities small?

Michael Vick, a black man incase you didn't know, 

Sent to prison for killing dogs, so...

In ameriKKKa, a dog's life is worth more than a black man's 

I wonder if Emit Till ran 

From the white man's hands 

That murdered his being 

I don't understand how ameriKKKa isn't seeing 

That the constitution is a lie 

That inside of it lies the white man's rights's 

And the minorities fights 

And Angela Davis, a black female activist imprisoned

For doing what Martin Luther King envisioned 

Assata Shakur in the same shoes as Ms Davis listed above

was merely representing the the symbolism of a dove 

I wonder how much life she missed because of life behind bars 

I'm sure the stars cry out in our name 

Because our fame comes from being insane 

Who shot Medgar Evars?

Who will ever know?

When i tried to look up Rodney King

I realized police officers work for one thing...

It ain't justice 

But i have to ask must this insane race craze continue?

There are so many black men that the white men have killed 

And we are equally skilled 

With the only tools ameriKKKa has given a balck man to use 

a gun...Making us all a ticking bomb with a short fuse 

And no i'm not spittin' hate 

More like awareness for this certain race 

Some of us think that's not the issue 

While others know what's true 

Tell do some people think Zimmerman is the innocent man

if he was the one with the gun in his hand? 

I just wonder what was going through his head

And Trayvon's as somone cut his thread

...of life look at all of this strife it caused 

I hope inspite of all this it causes you to think

instead sinking back under 

The thunderous sound of what the authorities have found in their voice 

Yet...Zimmerman won't ever sleep well again

Thousands want to kill him Because of his sin

And look at this earth...I guess justice was served


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