America's Sweetheart

These little things, they sell in magzines,
they'll help not feel a thing.
They'll make you laugh until you cry,
they'll make you want to drop dead and die.
These little white pills can help and they can kill.
Beware of their looks, if you aren't strong you'll get hooked.

Oh these little things, aren't they amazing?
Why won't you take them? They'll help you out.
The side effects? Don't read them yet or else we'll all go down.
You see, an OD isn't what the concern is,
you not taking them is the real business.
But hey, even if you die, 
atleast you death will make a good news headline.

Just pop another pill, it's no big deal,
the worst they could do is kill.
This is the price of fame, for crowds to scream your name,
are you backing out? That's a shame.
These pills can restart your cold heart,
These pills will make you America's sweetheart.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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